Exterior Screens
We have the only extruded hood on the market. Our extruded hood is 66% thicker than sheet metal hoods, making it resistant to denting in shipping and handling, and impact resistant when installed. Our side caps, featuring deep galvanized steel threaded inserts for attaching the mounting plates, are 87% thicker than standard universal side caps. The 140 mm hood assembly and small profile side rails are light weight and allow for quick and easy installation.


  • The 2-piece side track enables you to hide the mounting screws for a cleaner, more attractive appearance.
  • Contoured bottom bar, designed to retract into the hood assembly, accommodates a weighted steel bar insert which assists in keeping the screen taut and operating smoothly.
  • Plastic entry guides provide for clean entry of zipper into side rails, assuring smooth operation for the lifetime of the assembly.
  • The guide allows for the bottom bar to retract almost entirely into hood.


  • Screen zipper system and seams are Radio Frequency Welded (RF/Heat Welded) for superior support.
  • Our screen entry guide on the side rail aligns and stabilizes our screens to perfection and with ease.
  • Our heavy duty zipper system and bottom bar reduce friction, providing precision lifting and lowering capacity.
  • Due to the heavy duty bottom bar there is no need to re-tension our screen after installation.
  • To avoid corrosion or bottom bar is made of marine grade stainless steel.
  • All angles are reinforced for added strength.
  • Our motor tubes are engineered to limit deflection.
  • To eliminate sagging our screen is splined directly to the motor tube.
  • No visible screws in the side rails or bottom bar. provide a clean and elegant appearance.
  • Elements Screen features MaestroShield brand Tubular Motors and Electronics that have been tested for superior quality and strength.
  • All MaestroShield motors and electronics are backed by industry leading warranties.


  • The maximum length and height is 16 ft. x 21 ft.
  • End Cap profile is 5 ½” (14 cm)
  • Side Rails are 2” (6.35 cm)


  • Flush Mount: Installed flush to the wall.
  • Trapped Mount: Installed in a restricted space with no room above or on the sides
  • Recessed Mount: Installed with tracks or hood located in a wall, ceiling or other architectural feature
  • Interior or Exterior Garage Door mountings

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