Interior Shading
Our interior shading product line, composed of the most advanced hood assemblies, side rail assemblies, mounting brackets, tubular motors, and system controls, has resulted in the most revolutionary interior shading components on the market. The ingenuity of these components make installation as easy as can be.



  • Aluminum Cast Side Caps, Hood and Brackets are Powder Coated
  • Nylon Adjustable Plate & Adjustable Bar for ease of positioning and leveling after installation
  • Nylon parts reduce friction and squeaking cause from plastic parts
  • All Parts are interchangeable for reduced need of inventory
  • Light gap less than 1/2”
  • Bracket has finished end for a clean look without shading and a small lip to snap on extruded hood seamlessly
  • Idler Bearing Cradle designed for industry leading motors
  • Idler Bearing Sleeves fit Idler Bearings into various sized tubes.
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